We may be going virtual, but we’re still providing an amazing workshop experience with our Workshop Video Package – included for FREE with your pharmacy’s registration to International Seminar 2020! Your entire pharmacy team will have 6 months of unlimited access to more than 15 hours of recorded educational content – covering a variety of clinical, business, regulatory, marketing and technician topics. No tough decisions on which workshops to attend needed – this year, you get them all!

NOTE: Some of these workshops were originally presented at virtual conferences earlier this year.

Clinical Workshops

Introduction to Dermatology and Dermatological Medical Conditions
Adaobi Obasi, MD, PhD Adaobi Obasi, MD, PhD
(Dermatology Virtual Conference 2020)

Rated one of the best presentations of the summer, Dr. Obasi shares her knowledge as a practicing dermatologist. She provides an overview and introduction to dermatology, sharing the language and terminology, structure and function of the skin, skin types, and common skin conditions (rosacea, pigmentation issues, hair loss, eczema, psoriasis).

How I Utilize Compounding in My Dermatology Practice & How to Market to Me
Adaobi Obasi, MD, PhD
(Dermatology Virtual Conference 2020)

Dr. Obasi understands how using compounded formulations helps solve her patients’ unique needs. She shares how she incorporates compounding into her practice, her favorite compounded formulas and bases, and how she likes to be marketed to.

Xenoestrogens and Environmental Toxins
Devaki Lindsey Berkson, DC, MA, CNS, DACBN, CAN
(HRT Virtual Conference 2020)

Presented for the first time at PCCA’s HRT Virtual Conference this summer, Dr. Lindsey Berkson discusses what endocrine disrupting compounds (EDCs) are, how they signal receptors and can contribute to "receptor resistance,” their role in the obesity epidemic and how to guide patients in successful weight loss. Don’t miss this engaging presentation where you’re sure to laugh as you learn.

The Truth About Cats & Dogs: Introduction to Common Medical Conditions
Brad Minson, DVM
(Veterinary Virtual Conference 2020)

Did you know that more than 68% of all U.S. households own at least one pet? Are you capitalizing on serving this unique compounding market niche? Learn what you need to know about canine and feline disease states and treatment options so you can comfortably converse with veterinarians to provide solutions. This session is sure to be educational and entertaining as you listen to Dr. Minson share his unique knowledge of cats and dogs!

Compounding Opportunities for Common Canine and Feline Medical Conditions
Deborah Clark, BSPharm, RPh
(Veterinary Virtual Conference 2020)

During this workshop, PCCA Clinical Compounding Pharmacist Deborah Clark will share the latest and hottest compounding opportunities for canines and felines, including loads of formula ideas to share with your vets.

PCOS and the Role of SHBG
Albert J. Peters, DO, FACOG
(HRT Symposium Las Vegas 2020)

We’re bringing you one of the most highly rated new speakers! During this session, Dr. Peters will review the pathophysiology of PCOS, explain the metabolic aspects of PCOS, and indicate the role of SHBG in PCOS. As a reproductive endocrinologist, Dr. Peters has expertise in examining, assessing and treating the multitude of abnormalities seen in PCOS from both a traditional and metabolic standpoint.

Business & Regulatory Workshops

Ninja Tips for Customer Interactions
Cate Gregory

Cate Gregory is back by popular demand. At last year’s International Seminar, she talked about Building Trust in Your Pharmacy. Now, she’s sharing her Ninja Tips for interacting with customers and employees during these difficult times. The presentation includes an interactive handout for you to follow along.

Generational Differences in the Workplace
Julia Kramer, SPHR, SHRM-SCP

New to PCCA members, Julia Kramer regularly presents as part of our PCCA staff development program. Join her as she shares differences in generations in the workplace, how different age groups think and function differently and similarly, and tips to ensure employees of all ages work cohesively to get the job done.

Legal Concerns and Employee-Related Issues Pharmacies Should Be Prepared for During COVID-19
Charles H. Wilson
(Now & Ahead Virtual Conference 2020)

There are so many more things to consider now regarding the health of your employees and the effect that could have on your customers. Employment attorney Charles Wilson discusses how to ready your workplace including policies and protocols you should have in place, screening employees upon return to work, what to do if an employee contracts COVID-19 at work, and expectations of working from home.

Legislative and Regulatory Update
Amy Shank; Matt Martin, PharmD; A.J. Day, PharmD

Are you doing all that you can to preserve and protect your compounding practice? Do you know about the regulatory issues that could significantly impact your practice? Join the PCCA Public Affairs team, as they share the latest information on the compounding regulatory front.

Marketing Workshops

Creative Marketing and Business Development During a Pandemic
Haley Collavo
(Marketing & Sales Virtual Conference 2020)

Join PCCA member Haley Collavo as she shares how her job as the pharmacy marketer has changed during the pandemic, techniques she learned to help her pivot, and new ways to connect with practitioners to help THEM and their practices survive during the pandemic.

What Works for Me: How I Added 10-20 Prescriptions Per Day with My Patient Follow-up Program
Dawn Ipsen, PharmD, FACA, FACVP
(Marketing & Sales Virtual Conference 2020)

Patient follow-up programs are a great tool to ensure a steady stream of refills comes into the pharmacy. PCCA member Dawn Ipsen will share how her pharmacy set up a patient follow-up program and how this led to additional compounds for the pharmacy and happier patients.

What Works for Me: How I’ve Maximized My Pharmacy’s Online Presence
Peter Koshland, PharmD
(Now & Ahead Virtual Conference 2020)

PCCA member Peter Koshland talks about how to attract prospective patients to your pharmacy by maximizing your online presence. He shares website navigation best practices, how to build your presence on search engines with valuable content, and ideas for a prescriber landing page.

What Works for Me: How I Invested in Social Media, Hired a Firm and Increased My Revenue
John Kim, PharmD, FAARFM
(Now & Ahead Virtual Conference 2020)

PCCA member John Kim discusses the importance of social media, its impact on business, and the time it takes to build a social media brand. He shares the benefits of hiring a social media firm to help target and build followers, plus how to engage those followers.

Technician Workshops

Facilities and Insanitary Conditions
Matt Martin, PharmD
(USP Implementation Training 2020)

This workshop session is an excerpt from PCCA’s NEW USP Implementation course. Join Matt Martin, PharmD, as he discusses the important regulatory topic of avoiding insanitary conditions in nonsterile compounding facilities. It’s not just for sterile compounding! Matt will review current and proposed USP <795> language along with FDA’s Insanitary Conditions Guidance to help you avoid possible microbial contamination or drug cross contamination. Nonsterile drugs aren’t sterile, but they aren’t contaminated either. Everyone who compounds nonsterile preparations should be aware of what is classified as insanitary conditions. It just might surprise you!

Physical and Chemical Considerations in Formulas and Compounding
Andy Glasnapp, PharmD
(CORE Compounding Training 2020)

Ready for some pharmaceutical science? Get a refresher on stability, pH, surfactants, solubility, wetting agents, and more formulation considerations. No clinical information will be presented here.

Formulation Helpful Hints and Exploring Anhydrous Bases
Stacey Lemus, BS, CPhT

Join PCCA’s Formulations team as they share an overview of some of PCCA’s new bases, tips and tricks for compounding with these bases, and how you can leverage the unique bases to set your pharmacy apart from the competition.

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